Ducktrap Smoked Salmon Class Action Settlement

Neversink General Store et al. v. Mowi USA, LLC et al.,

United States District Court, Southern District of New York, Case No. 1:20-cv-09293-PAE

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Deadline to Submit: September 10, 2021

This Settlement involves Ducktrap River of Maine smoked Atlantic salmon products, including those marketed under the Ducktrap River of Maine, Kendall Brook, Spruce Point, Marine Harvest, and Nova Lox brand names (the “Ducktrap Products”).If your claim is timely and valid and the Court approves the settlement, you will receive a cash payment equivalent to up to two dollars and fifty cents ($2.50) for every package of the Ducktrap Product you purchased in the United States for your household between March 1, 2017 and May 13, 2021

You may receive a cash payment for up to ten packages (i.e., up to twenty-five dollars ($25)) per household without Proof of Purchase. If you wish to receive a cash payment for more than ten packages, you must submit a valid Proof of Purchase for each additional package. Proof of Purchase means a dated receipt, credit card or bank statement, or other document showing that you purchased one or more Ducktrap Products between March 1, 2017 and May 13, 2021. Each Proof of Purchase may be submitted only once per household.

To make a claim under the settlement, you must complete and submit this Claim Form by September 10, 2021 (Alternatively, you can print and mail the Claim Form to the Settlement Administrator.) All information will be kept private. Your claim form must be submitted or postmarked by September 10, 2021. This claim form will be used only for purposes of administering this settlement. Your submission, whether online or by mail, will be submitted to a court and is subject to the penalty of perjury carrying penalties under U.S. laws including criminal, civil, and financial penalties for fraudulent submissions.

Check or electronic (PayPal) payments will be issued after the Settlement’s Effective Date. Please save a copy of this completed form and your Proof of Purchase(s) for your records. In order to receive a cash payment, you must complete all of the information below and sign and date the form. The address that you provide below is the address where your check payment will be mailed.

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